first_img Show Closed This production ended its run on March 22, 2015 View Comments Star Files If/Then Related Shows Few people get to see the day-to-day triumphs and challenges of a Broadway performer as much as a dresser. Joby Horrigan has been Idina Menzel’s friend, confidante and dresser since 2001. Back then, Menzel was best known for originating the role of Maureen in Rent; she was not yet known as Wicked’s Tony-winning Elphaba, Frozen’s Elsa, If/Then’s Elizabeth or even Walker’s mom. Read on to find out what Horrigan always keeps on hand and why she feels fortunate to work with the Broadway supernova.How long have you worked with Idina Menzel and what was your first show together?Idina and I met the week before 9/11. I was dressing the Amneris track on Aida at the Palace Theatre. Idina’s put-in and first show were supposed to be that Tuesday, which was 9/11.What do you remember about meeting her?Needless to say, it was a very emotional first week together, but I remember her warmth and openness.What do you wish more people knew about dressers?It’s not an easy job, but it’s exciting when you can help make a designer and director’s vision happen.What’s the wildest costume you’ve helped Idina with?I’m not sure about wild, but the green makeup for Wicked was a challenge to deal with. Also, on See What I Wanna See, she wore a white linen kimono. It had a very long train and sleeves and was hard to keep looking good.Have there been any memorable wardrobe malfunctions?There was an unusual situation [at her Radio City Music Hall concert] because she was trying to do something different. She had this whole idea that it would be like she’s in her dressing room changing clothes, so there were with multiple outfits changes on stage. We didn’t have a lot of rehearsal time, and the clothes were not really quick-change ready. I was like, “It’s OK. We’ll figure it out.” So we just went for it. She really wanted to keep things moving, so I got her into everything, but then I couldn’t look at her. I thought everything was fine, and I went offstage. Then I heard somebody say, “Oh!” I looked up at the jumbo screen [and saw the wardrobe malfunction]. I was like, “It’s not a Broadway show—I’m walking out there!” So I went out and fixed her top. It’s history now. I’m mortified, and she knows I’m mortified. She’s respectful enough to not talk about it because she knows it mortifies me.What’s the best gift she’s ever given you?She gave me a beautiful green Coach address book when we were at Wicked. That was lovely.Any pre-show rituals?She’s always in the shower; that’s her pre-show warm-up. So we go through a lot of towels. She definitely will stay in there as long as I will let her.Which of Idina’s outfits would you most like to keep for yourself?She had a great pair of boots at Wicked, and the Elphaba Act II gown was beautiful.What are three essential items every dresser should have in his/her arsenal?Honestly it depends on the show and who you are dressing. Always a bite light, scissors…and the ability to stay calm and think on your feet. What’s the best thing about being part of Team Idina?The beauty and joy of dressing Idina is she lets it be fun and enjoyable. We try not to get in our heads too much. If you’re doing this day after day after day for a year, you have to keep it interesting. That’s the joy of her—she’s the hardest-working person I know, but she’s also extremely fun. That’s what makes it great. I’m lucky. Idina Menzellast_img read more