first_imgWell, Apple didn’t manage to keep the lid on the iPad 2 until the official unveiling it seems. A raft of images of the new tablet have found their way on to Chinese website DGtle. Are they real? They definitely aren’t of the final tablet as Engadget proved (see below), but this looks like a pretty believable near-complete prototype to us.The images clearly show a smaller, thinner tablet that still retains the 9.7″ display. Rather than the relatively flat sides of the original iPad, Apple has gone with a tapered edge obviously to make the iPad 2 seem much thinner than it actually is. And it works. The back of the device is also much flatter again making it look thinner.The feature list does include a larger speaker, and front and rear cameras. The SIM card slot is where the SD card slot was speculated to be, there’s a new power button design, headphone jack, and there’s the antenna behind a white section at the top of the device which  is probably going to be black on the final model being revealed later today.Whether these pictures show a legitimate iPad 2 is unclear. Engadget checked the model ID and FCC ID and found they are for the original Apple TV and the existing WiFi iPad. But that doesn’t mean this is fake. These shots could have been taken with a prototype model that just needed the numbers in place to give the overall look of the device.It also helps us think it’s legitimate because it’s what we expected. A thinner iPad that just refines the design enough to warrant a new release and number increment. It’s certainly the best candidate for what the final iPad 2 will look like we have seen. Do you believe this is Apple’s iPad 2?Read more at Engadget and DGtlelast_img read more