first_imgYour average smartphone or tablet has no shortage of surprising little chips inside like the accelerometer (which measures how something’s being moved), gyroscope (which measures rotation) and ambient light sensors (which dim and brighten the display according to ambient lighting criteria).Those little chips weren’t enough for Motorola when it comes to their upcoming Android Honeycomb tablet, the Xoom, though. They’re adding a barometer to the mix.What’s the point of a barometer in a tablet, you ask? Not so surprisingly, the point is to be able to make more accurate weather predictions. While developers will have access to the barometer’s data and be able to build apps around it, right now, all Motorola really intends to do is give people a better gauge on the weather outside with their Xoom.It’s hard to fathom what app developers could actually do with this, besides give warnings of incoming storms… which is all well and good, but something that the Internet can already do better for any always-connected tablet than a small barometric chip. Anything to distinguish yourself from the competition, though, right?Read more at Motorolalast_img read more