first_imgAround a week ago at an event celebrating the 34th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unveiled what was supposedly a brand new, domestically produced stealth fighter. The jet was said to be made from “advanced materials,” whatever those are, and — quite frankly — looked a little silly. Aesthetics don’t dictate whether or not a plane flies, but the military blogosphere pointed out numerous reasons why the plane most likely couldn’t fly anyway. Now, an Iranian news agency released a picture of the jet (seen above) majestically flying above some snowy alps. See? It’s capable of flight! Unfortunately for Iran, the internet quickly noticed that the picture was a simple Photoshop job.The positioning of the plane and the brighter bit toward the middle are strikingly similar to a photograph released when the plane was first announced (seen below).The Atlantic Wire noticed that mountains in the picture of the flying jet, were actually just from a picture found on a stock wallpaper website. Along with the obvious Photoshop job, aviation experts noted that the plane was not only too small to fit a pilot, but that the controls and wires were too simple to be real. On top of that, the overall design wasn’t exactly conducive to proper aerodynamics.Late last month, Iran also boasted that it sent a monkey into space and recovered it alive, which was quickly debunked as (most likely) a fake.With this Photoshop job, it would seen Iran is trying really, really hard to either strike fear into rest of the world by lying about its technological capabilities, or it’s simply trying very hard to impress us all in time for Valentine’s Day.last_img read more