first_imgFlickr user Ranjit put together a handsome 8-bit violin and then took some pictures of it. He also recorded a video of Bre Pettis (of Makerbot fame) playing it. Trust me, you’ll want to check this thing out.Wondering what an 8-bit violin even is? No, it doesn’t play chiptune music. Rather, the violin is made in a pixelated, 8-bit style using all right-angles. The image above makes things pretty clear, though there are some better pics in on the Flickr page. The bridge piece is particularly cool.The post explaining the works says that it’s a working violin constructed of both maple and oak. And the poster mentions uploading the instructions to thingverse, so it seems safe to assume that the parts were cut out with a laser or CNC machine of some sort. Either way, maybe you’ll be able to make your own 8-bit violin one day soon!See the images at Flickr, via moonmilklast_img read more