to ask what is the most depressed thing, most people will not hesitate to answer the website promotion". This is why Baidu PPC will have the ultimate cause of the market. You want to row first, I would also like to row first, then good, we look at the money who.

, however, for many of the small and medium sites have a good site in terms of the rankings can not afford to play. And the website promotion to the point encountered bottleneck. If you have been through a variety of efforts before the day IP600 (a lot of people will exaggerate their day IP have more than 10000, ha ha, I really do not know how to think, may it?) So when you want to break through the IP1000 is difficult. People do not know there is such a site you ah. This is called it "afraid of deep alley".

actually, the site is divided into two parts: domain name and content. Which may belong to the domain name is more important. Simple and easy to remember because meaningful domain name can bring more customers to visit your site; and it is the source of two or more customers. For different owners, perhaps the focus of the station is not the same, some emphasis on domain names, some fancy content. In fact, the best is the combination of the two. Here I would like to focus on the issue of domain names.

website promotion is actually domain name promotion. If you always expect Baidu Google search engine will put your site to the home page position to promote your site is a bit too naive. Think about the possibility that your station appears in the top three (a = page) Unless you are very confident about your station. But many people stuck in the search engine optimization is actually a trap. A search engine search claimed tens of thousands of results, but we all understand, when you check something most will turn a few pages? The 5 page is almost the same, right? How about joining your site at sixth or even more than seventh? Is not included. The search engine is the most will be deceiving.

competitive ranking is also true. It’s a blind man after three pages. No use。 So we must find a new way of website promotion.

some of the basic principles will not change: domain name is better, content is better, faster, etc..

As for the promotion of

we can go to to see. The benefits are as good as the other people’s express, and all of them are good domain names (or maybe there are no corresponding sites, but the potential is infinite.). Although there is no technical content, but very practical. My is hanging on it. Oh, not for the domain name of the website, there will be effect Oh, yesterday it was to ask the price, ha ha (but the offer was too exaggerated, I did not dare to buy 500 thousand, the man said, halo, joking)

well, said so much, I hope everyone can take action, his "good" shine.

– Hainan Metropolis Daily