webmaster network December 27th news, 2009 Gansu Internet webmaster will be held in Lanzhou, the conference sponsored by the Gansu daily, Gansu Chinese network, Lanzhou Chinese network, Internet phpwind, Admin5 alliance, stationmaster net CO assembly has been the webmaster magazine, love together, NSFocus and other units and media support. From the love of Guo Jijun, laggards Forum gathered Dong Qinfeng, Wang Feng, Xiao Ruizhe, Shaanxi Internet Alliance vice president PHPwind SEO expert Zhu Peng, chief editor of Admin5 magazine editor Zhang Xiang, Chen Guoqiang and other guests attended the meeting, from Gansu province and the other parts of more than 100 owners participated in the meeting.

2009 Gansu Internet webmaster Alliance Annual Meeting to exchange party development "as the theme, focusing on the important spirit of the State Council put forward the" capital growth, expand domestic demand, adjust the structure and promote employment ", to explore the operation way to popularize community website and e-commerce website.

The first

conference speech by Gansu daily network general manager Xue Yeming, in the next part of the guest lecture by phpwind Product Manager Shi Lianzeng introduced the development process of phpwind products, laggards forum Dong Qinfeng shared some wonderful view of personal, "a person to eat is shameful," as Taobao operation site the operating point to get everyone’s consistent identity. Zhang Xiang, editor in chief of the magazine to share how to promote the operation of local communities. When walking the Chongqing station of Guo Jijun introduced the local SNS website how to operate, humorous speech, has won the audience applause and webmaster.

guests wonderful speech and insightful views, humorous stories to share, won the applause of all owners, the conference was involved in the webmaster alike, many webmaster said learned a lot of practical website promotion method to each network and senior experts in the future, the site operation of great help. At 17:00 PM, the meeting is over.


General Assembly attendance


this conference presided over: webmaster magazine editor Zhang Xiang


Gansu daily network general manager Xue Yeming



Forum Forum Dong Qinfeng


Shaanxi Internet Alliance Wang Feng


seo expert Zhu Peng keynote speech


Chongqing for stationmaster Guo Jijun speech


after the photo


after the photo