today, I saw an article suddenly, I want to write "the other side of the micro business how to do, who do you think you are, put down the mask micro business", said Su Dongpo young, an arrogant man. One day walk on the path of the field, and suddenly a girl pedestria. Woman carrying a load of mud, two to each other. Finally, she proposed a village on, if Su Dongpo can on the second line, she would be willing to give way. The couplet is: a load of heavy mud used road. Su Dongpo listens, this couplet can be played, couldn’t think of an allied. Both sides in the paddy field planting farmers lol. In desperation, Su Dongpo unexpectedly loudly responded: smile back on both sides of the master. Then, Su Dongpo took off his shoes and socks, made way for her. In fact, whether you how to do, how to influence the micro business is big, it would be hard / opportunity / product and support those you give, in fact, can become the bigwigs must follow a principle: one of the light and heavy, expensive and cheap, you can not set a standard the. Calm and humble, unassuming, is the most important component. Often I summed up the skills, some people are inspired, some people are learning, some people are copying, some people are imprisoned, I cannot let every one can benefit from my words, but I hope you can benefit. I still continue to nag, did not read the article before you must look good. From my understanding and cognition of the social network, including the study of some micro business case and trend, do not only have the derivative marketing ability, brand trademark registration, the enterprise network management planning skills, and even the need to refine the product poster and so on, if you cannot read also never mind, can be put in, don’t worry, everything all the process. Okay! This is somewhat long, please have patience to read.

This is WeChat

Birds of a feather flock together. circle of friends. Often a circle of topics are concerned about. Some circles talk about food, talk about how to find good food, or to share their own meals; some circles talk about dressing up, what season should have what fan. Women with common interests get together and interact with each other. Early is not crazy people, and some people are not accurate? You know your friends now confused but not willing to sort out some irrelevance micro friends, without looking at their share. If so, I want to tell you that you now have the right to begin to streamline your circle of friends, a serious business circle of precision. Eliminate the dragons and fishes jumbled together circle of friends, because there is no precise send you the most is a "like". Before someone asked me how to do that I spent so much effort with WeChat and this friend? I think you can try sending about these people, if there is a reply to your friend WeChat, need to consider several /1, circle of friends to see what /2, a few days if there is a simple communication the opportunity is converted to accurate customer, you don’t bird decisive delete.

another perspective WeChat circle of friends. WeChat circle of friends English translation is moments, literal translation is short, instant meaning. Tilt your head and think