recent circle is very popular in the subscription subscription model, whether it is the Internet circle is also the webmaster circle. Some people use this mode in operation. But recently I have taken such a model, of course, has also attracted some criticism of all. There applaud, also have to shout. Now it’s August, and I’ve been paying subscription for more than 1 months. Today, I would like to give you a discussion on the issue of paid subscription model as well as some of their own feelings and suggestions.


what is a paid subscription?

I paid online subscription subscription model definition, unfortunately, did not find authoritative information to explain. Only on the Internet to find a report on a foreign news service in 2010 to open subscription subscription reports. If you are literally speaking, a person thinks that a subscription is a subscription to other websites or individuals. The subscription model first words may be through mail subscription, but now WeChat, we can use the WeChat public platform, users can put the packet, and then sending the packet selection time, on the line.

what kind of people can open the subscription mode


if I have to say it, I personally think that if you want to open the subscription mode, then, first of all, should have their own fan groups. Furthermore, there is a certain influence and credibility. Content is secondary. Many people may think that only the provision of high-value content, in order to attract fans to join. Personally, I do not agree with this argument, I believe we all know the logical thinking of Luo Zhenyu. What can you say is to improve his quality content to VIP users to pay? He did not enjoy what special treatment? That thing and Luo sell six books, only six said that this book can help other users to what, what are the results that are looting empty. Of course, I can’t compare with old. In fact, the theory is the same, but I also provided some more than the old value, is my article.

some people say, can not provide users with high-value content, then it is not equal to deceive the user’s content is also important, but not the most important. What is the high value of the content? What is the dry cargo? I think everyone for high value and dry cargo definitions are not the same. Some people may be able to give him a few ways to improve the collection of articles, they think it is very valuable, some people you give them some money to improve the specific methods and techniques, they also feel very water. Each person is different, different requirements, expectations are not the same, the definition of high value and dry cargo is not the same.

everyone can actually open the subscription mode, you can write their own articles, like me, you can also collect some articles, the price given a little lower. However, if their own network is relatively narrow, and no industry influence, it can only rely on their own hard to promote the. However, it is OK to do the same.