is the title of this article, and not to curry favour by claptrap to attract customers.

because I don’t have a "training program", why should I add double quotes? Someone should be able to read it!

if you look down the patience, you will see that I am well.

on some Wangzhuan now, I personally very hate, it is mlm.

A lot of famous

platform also published the article, the article title of this article is more exciting than me, are often "millionaire…" This article gives a common way to get rich quickly, that is, to pay an annual fee to join their members.

if my article can be published, it is estimated that offend a lot of people.

the purpose of my writing this article is: according to the fact that my views and ideas from the media operations, not a shortcut to make money quickly, but it may be a way to copy the success.

The more than 10 thousand dollars

money, also spent a lot of time and intellectual achievements, take a look at my cash records, not much, but enough to make my career a stunning Network – not to mention I used to have many bitter



and the accumulation of fans, as of today, there are more than 50 thousand, compared to other large, this is a must, but I am very satisfied, this headline No. September 2015 stop updating, fans will stay in this number, during some off powder.


regret is not established at the time of WeChat public number, can’t take these fans to the public number up, if you want long-term development, they suggested that the drainage to the WeChat public number, after all, WeChat platform is strong enough.

method is left at the bottom of the micro signal, today’s headlines are allowed to do so, but not allowed to stay QQ.

Today’s headlines from what time writer

the specific application, it is of no great importance, but the real operation of the number, probably from the beginning of 2015 February, from the opening to the formal operation, time interval is quite long, mainly because it is not in the operating position. I personally think that the content of the operation is the key to your success, like the site to choose the key words, the election was wrong, the latter may be in vain efforts, and the choice is too hot, you point to, it will be less. Second to consider the actual situation of their own, you can not be original? What you come from? I think that since the media content is business, if you can not solve the source of content, you haven’t started, has failed. You must be curious about what I do. See the screenshot below:


someone would wonder why I would say it without reservation.