in Internet Co, new media operators, engineers and other positions in short supply, how high quality, efficient recruitment has become the focus of attention. On the other hand, job seekers also have their own confusion, the traditional way to gradually lose the effectiveness of job search, want to enter a large company but no job.


socket Jun recommended in this article, with a look at Baidu, the U.S. group, Jingdong, NetEase recruitment mode, hoping to recruit a friend got scorched by the flames from.

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Zhang Jinmao (head of the United States Department of technical engineering, technical committee chairman):

I’ll share some of the American league. First, the school recruit can be a point of concern. The United States delegation attaches great importance to recruit school, which began in 2011, was still a very early start-up, but put large resources in school recruit, now the U.S. group every year to recruit people inside the 40%-50% are solved by the school recruit. Of course, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce Beijing school recruit, may be more to go outside the city of Beijing to expand.

second, the U.S. group has a very strong characteristic, is through internal staff recommended to do recruitment, although not very accurate, but generally speaking, at least for 5 people inside 3-3.5 is recommended by, for example, like Qiu Jian is joining the United States mission.

but the internal recruitment this thing to do, one thing to note is that from the CEO to the division head, to a small team, each layer of the personnel to look at recruitment as a priority, especially startups. Every day the daily work, to think about hiring this thing, rather than a short staffed cramming that recruitment is your first priority.

Li Pengtao (Jingdong mall R & D director):

because before the "bright sword", Li Yunlong’s method is decentralization, we are doing now is the same, all of it, is to let a person under the condition of their own accord with the company to recruit people, you find that you. The other group attracted, not attracted will think of a way, we are now basically all this way to provoke, or very good, but also do not rely on HR.

Jiang Weihang (NetEase Youdao VP):

is often digging on their own, such as our product director, that is my college classmate recommend me, a Microsoft for more than ten years work experience of the people I recently recruited, but also our technical director of the class to give him the recommended. Basically change on the way of the interview, the first meal, the first flicker, chat about the technical interview again, where HR is the auxiliary bar. There is also a method, HR is kicked directly to the headhunters, headhunters timely reply, often, I like five hours on the back, so the next time he will resume to me frequently, "