the two day news Pumianerlai are about the world cup, but for me this IT Indoorsman, my world cup fundamental immune! Yesterday, my girlfriend asked me the world cup is not basketball, I want to say, may be, Yao Ming previously played the world cup! However, the Internet also has also attracted an article I, say is a son of the use of two days WeChat sold 400 boxes of duck’s egg, a box of 58 yuan, oh Hello, very good results! About reading a lot of people, just remember some numbers, such as 2, 58 and the profits! I love to see Feng Dongyang and the others dig into the deep implication of the skills of the


break the traditional marketing thinking

Most people use WeChat to sell

to this live duck’s egg, may have nutritional value, using traditional thinking to write some duck’s egg including me, first impressions may have to say the nutritional value of duck’s egg, or who to buy ah, do not know where the advantages of

goods!But if

, to break the traditional thinking to do the program, the effect is more like a son! With the emotional marketing, a story, much like this, remember, we Salted Duck Egg small dragon boat festival is eaten? Do you still remember the familiar taste of love friends? Please leave a message, send ten free copies of

Salted Duck Egg!

if I see this message, I may also participate in interactive, sometimes we go about this product, may be the first is to know his story, some after hearing his story or we deeply moved, and then to endorse him this product. And his message, also let with 80 people deeply miss one, my hometown in the countryside, when I was young, the home of the wheat harvest, can eat Salted Duck Egg is a luxury, but is the kind of salted garlic clove and 70s! People is not to mention! And he is deeply grasp the public’s psychological ah, with the memories of the game, people really admire



by a son of WeChat selling on the duck’s egg

details determine his success

from his article, we also see a few details, below I give you a summary of his WeChat marketing grasp some of the details of the problem

the first detail, is doing marketing, he launched 10 free products. This is similar to our traditional marketing promotions, the use of people love to take advantage of cheap psychology. However, if this in the mall has 10 free copy of the duck’s egg can get, the effect will be greatly reduced because they took! Never give you free publicity, not the formation of word-of-mouth marketing in WeChat! But that’s different! We take people. If you get a free thing, you must praise him, or else you will have an idea?

second details, the initiative to ask friends to leave comments!