on August 14th news, according to foreign media reports, Riya created by Jair · (Munjal Shah); Shah) on the morning of 14 by mail to tell users, face recognition service Riya will stop operation in August 21, 2009.

early Web2.0 movement defined a variety of services, facial services is one of them. People began to come into contact with and understand it was four years ago, when this service is called Ojos, and later renamed Riya. People now have all of the Riya products, which help users automatically identify friends through photos and some markers.

had previously sold Riya to Google, but the deal has not been reached. Finally, Riya will focus on the video search e-commerce.

to close the Riya business, by Jair · Shah said in a message is very painful, he said, "I was very fond of Riya, it has immeasurable in all of our Like.com people’s heart."