and share a "small business marketing analysis summarize the existing problems in the process of micro-blog", in this paper I will conclude this article aiming at the problems, talk about some solutions and improvement methods and skills, of course, again, these methods may not have universal applicability, and still hope share and exchange


1, synchronous product production and sales process, increase customer confidence in the enterprise

first, we all know that the cost of production of small enterprises is limited, most of the time it is very difficult to provide physical products free trial, but according to the characteristics of micro-blog interactive, enterprises can use the production process to the picture or video interludes in micro-blog, to allow customers to understand and participate in the production process supervision, improve customer the product and business confidence. Secondly, small businesses can encourage customers to achieve orders through micro-blog channels, according to the characteristics of micro-blog spread fast, wide spread. Micro-blog can be developed into a special sales channels. Customers who have reached the maximum number of orders can be delivered free of charge and given a certain discount. Last。 The enterprise can be in various marketing outlets address classification, and then released to micro-blog, to ensure the goods in a timely manner to reach the hands of customers, and allow customers to clear the problem in the product, how to accurately find their own local marketing outlets for repair or replacement, and fully guarantee the interests of customers, so that customers are satisfied.

2, through micro-blog experience, increase customer contact interaction

companies want to retain customers, customer contact and interaction is essential. On the one hand, companies take the initiative to propose to the customer communication service and issued the interactive relationship between the action, such as email or SMS in holidays to customers said the blessing, although this is common, but really not many businesses, as long as the sincerity, is that when it comes to try not to bad words; on the other hand, the contact interaction is dominated by customers if the customer, actively respond enterprises launched promotional activities. Although maintaining customer relations and long-term cooperation to help enterprises to achieve customer, but to allow customers to truly ensure the loyalty to the enterprise, you need to contact the interaction based on cooperation and mutual benefit. Efforts to promote enterprise and customer win-win situation. Small businesses can use micro-blog platform. Actively interact with existing and potential customers, build closer relationships with customers, increase customer loyalty, and increase revenue.

3, the implementation of customer personalized marketing

small businesses through micro-blog to classify the customer groups (such as hobbies, personality characteristics, etc.), for different customer groups, to provide a suitable choice for the group and the appropriate service products. For the special requirements of individual customers, small enterprises can according to their own ability to selectively provide personalized service measures to strengthen the enterprise micro-blog interactive and fans, timely understanding of customer interests and behavior habits, according to different customers according to their personality, hobbies, habits and related attributes, carry out personalized marketing.