The extent to which

DC can go is not in much of its own potential, but whether it has the potential to exploit it.

this reporter Kai Kai

for the majority of Internet users, IDC (Internet Data Center) may be hard to understand the concept of A. But in the framework of the entire Internet economy, IDC has become an essential existence.

IDC is the basic resources of the Internet, it can provide high-end data transmission services and high-speed access services, should be ICP (Internet content provider) needs arising from. The more developed the Internet economy, the more content and application resources on the Internet, the corresponding demand for IDC is greater. It can be said that IDC is a barometer of the development of the internet.

after years of development, the current function of IDC has been extended from basic services such as hosting, bandwidth rental, server rental and other network security services, services and data storage and other value-added services. With the continuous advance of China’s information technology, as well as the emergence of the concept of things, cloud computing, IDC development in the future there is still a lot of space.

but the extent to which IDC will go is not in much of its own potential, but whether it has the potential to exploit it. China’s IDC industry has been faced with the plight of the development of the system.

monopoly market

from the current market structure of the IDC, telecom operators (especially China Telecom and China Unicom) accounted for more than 60% of the share, is the industry leader. But will review the development history of IDC, in fact private enterprises is the IDC market pioneer, and used to gain market advantage, but the telecom operators with their own advantages and policy advantages of network resources and scale advantages, rapid follow-up and beyond the private IDC, and established a monopoly in this area.

in the field of IDC, telecom operators will undoubtedly have a unique advantage. In addition, its own financial capacity is also very strong, regardless of the construction of the room, the server’s purchase, the ability to bear the cost of electricity, the advantages are obvious, private IDC is not an opponent. The competition between the two is not equal competition, the result is not the optimal use of resources, but the telecom operators to strengthen the monopoly advantage.

most of the private IDC is dependent on the telecom operators, the need to purchase bandwidth from the telecom operators, renting room and lines to carry out business, self built room to carry out business private IDC rarely. So in the upper reaches of the telecom operators, in fact, holding the life and death of private IDC card, as long as the increase in rent, or to enter the middle and lower reaches of the business, the private IDC, it is difficult to bear.

early IDC business development, telecom operators and private IDC there is a clear division of labor. Such as telecom operators