what is experiential marketing


bird · Dr. Schmidt (Bernd H.Schmitt) in which he wrote the "experiential marketing" "Experiential Marketing", a book that: experiential marketing (Experiential Marketing) is on the consumer’s sensory and emotional (Sense) (Feel), thinking (Think), (Act), Relate (Association five), re define the design way of thinking about marketing. It breaks the traditional assumption of the "rational consumer", that consumer spending is reason and sensibility concurrently, before the consumer, consumption, consumption of the whole process of experience is the key to the study of consumer behavior and brand operation.


experiential marketing model has been adopted by many large international companies, with the further development of mobile Internet, experiential marketing and small beauty also shows its own characteristics A new force suddenly rises., in different areas, to share with you today three experiential marketing case.

case 1: Beautiful Gir – barber barber will not establish a high-end hair salon chain

Beautiful Gir is a high-end salon chain, the founder of Becky is not a fashion stylist, Beautiful Gir first store located in New York, Becky did not have the money to hire outstanding stylist but want to attract more girls to do hairdressing shop, so Becky came up with a creative marketing: invited in shopping malls the pretty girl free to do hair, although the success rate is not very high, but eventually ushered in the first batch of user experience. To the beautiful girls, hair up in any case are good-looking, when beauty friends see their hair change first can say "Wow, you have beautiful hair!", and then it will ask "where the hair is made of?", so Beautiful Gir’s name quickly in the girl’s party spread. Less than half a year, Becky with this trick of experiential marketing quickly set up three stores, now Beautiful Gir has enough strength to hire outstanding stylist, also become a high-end salon chain of the United states.

case two: Dopure – try out the word of mouth marketing

Dopure (Chinese Name: Di Zhe) is derived from the Swedish Cowboy brand "Chinese business" was reported in column H& M, Dopure and other fast fashion brands vied for Sweden Chinese clothing market report. Dopure first opened a flagship store in Tmall, due to the high price of the product in the initial stage and not many customers. Dopure>