recently, the "Fuzhou hundred event", "the Wenzhou business alliance event" has aroused high attention. The two events are the rebate site of illegal activities in the "marketing rebate form, a huge amount of money involved, deceived people all over the country.

rebate websites, e-commerce has become a hotspot in recent years, eye-catching also raised questions. The two events will also present the normal marketing rebate sites pushed in the teeth of the storm. Recently, the rebate websites have said in a statement, the formal rebate website marketing is definitely not mlm. Experts say the rebate website existing legislation blank, called for legislation as soon as possible, improve the regulatory.

Fuzhou rebate network crash

police quickly involved in the investigation

Fuzhou "hundred percent rebate network mall collapse scam involving 23 provinces. In May 28th, Fuzhou hundred percent rebate mall office building is deceived people smashed, cause there are hundred percent said hearsay mall owner Yao Jianqing and executives have escaped about 1000000000 Yuan run away, the police quickly involved in the investigation.

the evening of May 31st, the Fuzhou police informed that Yao Jianqing has been Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment five brigade was arrested on the same day from the field. According to the survey, 100 shopping network, to collect fees of 5% way agents and franchisees, and membership funds promised 100 days to 400 days, the net profit of high return "money" profit model. At the same time to take the development of the regional agency model offline, according to reports, 100 percent mall currently has more than 6 thousand agents in the country to join.

almost at the same time, Wenzhou in June 1st "the Wenzhou business alliance event" rebate platform was again burst the boss Juankuan run away. According to reports, this is the largest illegal pyramid schemes in Wenzhou in recent years." The police said, "rebate consumption" has become a new type of network marketing on the part of the city.

"rebate" concept was one of

normal rebate network was

it is understood that there are many on the market of the rebate website, these websites have their own selling point, some cooperation with many domestic shopping site to buy, you can get the rebate, the amount is different; some rebate network sales website said with a well-known electrical appliances, on the site of consumption rebate rebate network can be said some 50%; on the day of the rebate, 1 yuan will be able to cash. At present, the market rebate websites are more active in about a dozen.

recently, a large domestic websites rebate rebate network (51fanli) said in a statement, "Fuzhou 100 mall", "the Wenzhou business alliance" with the "rebate" concept of illegal pyramid selling money, not only hurt the unsuspecting innocent consumers, also has serious negative effects the third party shopping rebate industry.

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