this article is to promote the study of the article, please indicate that the promotion of learning webmaster soft text sharing plan officially launched!

1 word of mouth Promotion Law: the reason to put this in the first place, is to tell you the content is king, so do a good job of content, so that the Internet users to actively spread your own website.

2 printing leaflets promotion method: that can be issued by himself, also can and other traditional enterprise cooperation, use their existing channels, such as supermarkets, print your own web site in the shopping small ticket, this method is generally used for local website promotion

3 activity promotion method: often hold a variety of offline activities, such as party like

4 hype Promotion Law: specific is to challenge people’s psychological bottom line, the more exaggerated the better!

5 Internet cafes Promotion Law: this I do not have to say, we almost all know.

6.KTV promotion method: This is about to say, but the method has limitations, suitable for the promotion of songs, MTV this type of site, in the top of the screen to play the ad ~~~

7 speech Promotion Law: their knowledge sharing to everyone, so you can also bring some traffic!

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