what? Who first create a video website is a billionaire

      Market Outlook: TV direct catalytic network video direct

      therefore, the social basis of the area has been quite strong, and the operation is becoming more mature, has become a new way of product sales.
is also a multimedia, television can do network can also try.

      characteristics of TV direct selling:

      product independence, that is, this product only I have here to sell

      compare with the price inside the shopping mall has the advantage, the function of new fashion avant-garde

      analysis of his features:
  us     1) it is your shopping guide if you take DV to the network you can do your sales tour of
      2) the time when it can help you do sales and product communication (network characteristics)
      3) regional internet no regional differences there are the same
      4) the cost is relatively low, online payment means to improve the
      5) single user interactive, you to know the specific needs of users of
      6) shopping market network users is large enough, the number of users reached 162 million. China China station

  constraints:     1)
  platform user reputation mechanism and effective service;     2)
    technology investment funds;;   3) itself resource control and create resources of
    4) education users guide users to

      directional focus: