now many Internet business people are worry about tourists, no traffic, a lot of Wangzhuan project but a change of drainage method will sell you thousands, one day to tell you how much you can earn, you do get rich dream there, in fact, if you see the nature of the flow, will not worry about traffic. Drainage method is too much, today to share a thought, I hope you have a new inspiration. Also, if you want to start the Internet, do not lazy, think of the sky pie, then you go to rob the bank!

The use of

and micro-blog in the photo


online entrepreneurship is a very simple thing, nothing more than the right way, others pointing, repeat to do so.

client referral

the best customers are your old customers, the value of the old customer is not only to buy the product, you can also make a customer witness, more importantly, to encourage the introduction of old customers.

these old customers to experience your product, you are satisfied with the products, they believe, but their friends don’t know about you, do not believe you, if they introduce you to his friends, so trust agent will play a role in the trust of his friends will be passed on to your body, found by the customer introduce the way customers are high trust customers — very easy transaction.

customers will introduce you to you, most of them are talking about you, you must encourage him to action.

to encourage customer referrals, must give customers the benefits, or financial rewards, or identity sense of superiority, for example, recommend customers to buy, both customers enjoy 20 percent off discount, or reward a gift……

whether you are giving customers coupons, discount cards or promise to the customer return, you have to set a referral mechanism, and this mechanism should be simple, you can easily click on a client or a sentence do.

peer push each other

here is not referring to sell the same product of the seller, but that we are the seller’s peers, for example, you are selling shoes, she is selling clothes, then you can negotiate push each other.

In addition to the premise of the

push each other to sell the product related or complementary, there is a condition that the number of customers on both sides of the same level.

if your micro signal has 2000 friends, and she has only 800 friends, I think you are not willing to push each other.

so push each other, to be related to the product’s peers, and the number of fans in the same order of magnitude.

if you have 1500 fans, she also has 1600 fans, she recommended to you, do you recommend her, under ideal conditions, the number of fans can be up to 3100, the growth rate is really very impressive (only ideal state).