with the gradual deterioration of the form of Internet security, major viruses and high-risk vulnerabilities frequently burst. According to Kingsoft cloud security center in February 2009 of the first monthly safety report shows that after the Spring Festival, the first month of Kingsoft intercepted a total of 3563762 new virus samples, 20 new vulnerabilities, including Microsoft vulnerabilities 18, Adobe Reader Adobe Flash Player 1 holes, 1 holes. To monitor the malicious horse up to 115338.

ten virus ranked "NS peep" hide and seek

According to the monitoring statistics

Kingsoft cloud security system, followed by the amount of the highest of the ten virus infection in February: NS speculum, pollution-free, camouflage, search the source of infection, 295241 online Trojan Trojan Downloader, 425984 QQ thief, flying turtle shell 378833, Trojan drive, Download 32768 stars game player and advertising machine. And in 2009 the first pandemic virus, "feline tinea" because many varieties, to share infection quantity of each variant on the contrary, therefore not included in the list.


Kingsoft anti virus expert Li Tiejun said, in February ten the first virus "NS speculum" since 4 began after the outbreak of infection has been high. Remote control server this powerful, hackers to the infected computer to send any malicious instructions through it, especially in the case of the user’s knowledge, from the remote control computer camera, a great security risk.

famous web sites linked to horse outbreak months have been "black February 2009 security report" Kingsoft cloud security center also showed that February high-risk vulnerabilities frequently broke, a direct consequence of loophole frequent brings, is the site of the outbreak of mad horse. Kingsoft cloud security center to monitor the malicious web site in February up to 115338.

in February by industry experts dubbed the "horse website outbreak month", 140 domestic well-known Web site was linked to horse, and there are still many day hundreds of thousands of large and medium-sized website. Anti virus experts said, if you want to count those who have not registered illegal websites or overseas websites, the number of sites linked to horse at least doubled the number of times.

security report confirmed that hackers have put their hands on the legitimate large and medium-sized websites, especially the platform, the portal is easy to gather popular websites, and even the government, the media website. Hackers choose to start these sites, easier to trick users fooled.

Kingsoft anti virus experts pointed out that the monthly safety report can help to understand the changes of network security situation of the majority of users better, in a timely manner to respond to cyber threats. At the same time, it is also a way to allow the majority of users to share the results of cloud security, through this monthly security report, all users can get valuable data including their contribution to the data.