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website promotion is to let as many potential users to understand and visit the website, through the website to obtain information about the products and services, to provide support for the final purchase decision. Website promotion need the help of some network tools and resources, common website promotion tools and resources include search engines, catalogue, email, Web links, online yellow pages and classified ads, e-books, free software, network advertising media, the traditional marketing channels. Website promotion method all is actually a reasonable use of some website promotion methods and tools, so the basic formulation and implementation of website promotion method is effective to fully understand and reasonable application of the tools and resources to promote a variety of websites.
?? one of the important methods of resource cooperation between sites is mutual promotion, one of the most simple way of cooperation to exchange links. Other website content sharing, collaboration and exchange of resources, are recommended, although the form and method of operation is different, but the basic idea is the same, namely, in which they have certain marketing resources situation through cooperation to achieve the purpose of common development. In this section, we introduce the method of exchanging links in the promotion method of resource cooperation website.

?? " in search engine registration; " relevant content, referred to Google as the representative of the second generation search engine will be the number of links from other sites also as an indicator, a website ranking in exchange links itself is a commonly used web site promotion means more opportunities by other website links, more conducive to the promotion of their own site. Especially for the majority of small and medium sites, this free promotion means is a commonly used, but there is a certain effect of the method.

?? link or reciprocal link exchange, exchange links, Links etc., is a simple forms of cooperation between certain complementary advantages of the site, the other site placed respectively on their website LOGO or website name, hyperlink and set the other website, users can find their own website cooperation from the website to promote each other’s eyes.

?? the role of the exchange links mainly in the following aspects: get traffic, increase user impression in the search engine rankings, increase the advantages, increase the credibility of visitors through cooperation website recommendation. But a link exchange effect, there are some different views, some people think that the site visits can be obtained from the link is very small, some people think that exchange links not only can obtain the potential value of the brand, can also get a lot of direct access.

?? the book point of view, the meaning of the exchange links have actually exceeded the possibility of direct increased access to this category, than increased access to more important lies in the cognitive and recognition, because in general, each link to sites in scale relatively close, have certain relevance or complementary content on the other, only after the approval may be your site as a partner.

to establish the common problems of the exchange links
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