recently, when a user login Chinese Shaanxi network, will change the focus of today news pop content, increase the fashion forum, the Forum ( content provider is the recent rise of industry vertical portal of a dark horse —-YOKA. At the same time landing in Shaanxi, China, you will find that the new fashion channel, as well as female channel content providers are still YOKA. While originally provided by the fashion channel has disappeared. China Shaanxi network why choose YOKA as the two channel content providers in the field of fashion depth cooperation it may need to talk about the rapid growth of YOKA in the past year and a half.

replace each other in the traditional portal seating, the background of weak growth, various segments of industry vertical portal have been rising, in 2006, the fashion group and IDG to create YOKA fashion network, to create local vertical lifestyle portals. With the help of the magazine resources IDG strong financial background and fashion group’s 15, after a year and a half, YOKA in the fashion site visit ranking has been ranked in the top spot, and beyond the other similar websites, channels and content covers the Web1.0 and Web2.0 technology and application, complete beauty, fashion Party, life, tourism, watches, jewelry, cars, villas, yacht fashion construction, YOKA in Paris, London and other urban fashion editorial team delivered the latest global fashion information in the first time, the world’s top more than and 200 fashion brands in the information provided in the main set. China has become the first high-end fashion portal.

YOKA to China Shaanxi network, Shaanxi network and Chinese fashion channel, that YOKA started racing in the domestic white-collar market enclosure, Chinese Shaanxi network real-time communication tools as well as Chinese Shaanxi, gathered the largest group of white-collar users Chinese. According to the third party data show that Shaanxi China network brand reputation has been three consecutive years ranked first, while YOKA customers located in 22-35 high income groups, the target group between cooperative promotion, more conducive to achieve a win-win situation, for YOKA, you can find more high-end fashion users in Shaanxi network by means of Chinese Shaanxi network, it can use YOKA brand influence, timely fashion information and the high income people attractive, extended more white-collar users in China, constantly consolidate Shaanxi portal position.

Chinese Shaanxi internal network executives said: Chinese Shaanxi YOKA network and the content is just the beginning of cooperation, the two sides in the market, and jointly promote the brand of high-end brand in the Internet gradually carry out strategic cooperation. In fact, by the YOKA fashion network, China Shaanxi network jointly sponsored by nearly 40 media, the most popular brand survey of Chinese white-collar workers in the 2008 has attracted only one million people to participate, the results will be released in the near future.

The rapid growth of

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