by the "shopping information network" ( webmaster invited to comment on the station. Old rules, what to say what, not the soft Wen Wen! Ha ha!

open "shopping information network", see "logo" shopping information network ", your shopping expert, suddenly think of a website business model" overseas shopping guidance Station ", is the evaluation and Statistics website of shopping sites, shopping guidance website extensive collection of customer satisfaction survey results on the online shopping website then, according to the customers of these sites ordered degree of satisfaction with the selection process, and the price of the top 5 stars. It is the most thorough assessment, the most fair, is a need for any online shopping users will have to go before the place. So, "shopping network" is not the idea of it, I put down the memory with the question began to analyze """.

first, the location of the site analysis

used the words "webmaster" shopping web site "" positioning "around your online shopping expert", driven by online promotion, network + entity shop, and comprehensively promote the development of online shopping. First of all I think "information-based" this concept must be clear, what is the shop to see the information or to shop customer information? I carefully looked at the website home page, column setting shopping information, C2C information, B2C information, B2B information, the owner, owner area display, should be content to the shop we see the information, the station is the shop manager information network, but it has a shopping guide column, especially from the shopping guide click on a mobile phone news, found out that the shopping information columns under the 19 commodity classification, classification of 19 aspects of the shopping guide, the 38 column is mostly to the shop the customer, then contact the site name is called "shopping information network", rather than the shop service station, the station I have not resolved. Is to see the shop manager to see the shop information and customer information are two different concepts, I think the owners preferred going to show you know your ideas.

two, website form analysis

shopping information websites are generally not directly with consumers and economic relations, but through a lot of information and even introduce professional customer satisfaction analysis, statistical analysis, comparative analysis of products to help consumers rational analysis, try to avoid consumers in online shopping trap, which is its commercial value. One of my favorite discount network forum users to share the shopping experience is a relatively simple but practical way. If you can do product comparison analysis, statistical analysis of the data will not be." Shopping information website is the use of advanced data statistical analysis, the forum is not the member, but the common content of the site, with personal reprint some articles, this form is not easy to do. At the same time, too many shopping information columns, all the popular goods are classified, this is not a person’s strength can be edited