classified information website must first have a group of loyal users, so how to find your own user? Classified information has several predators already occupy the mainstream market, 58, market, city, reputation. As head of the US, as capital predators, technology, propaganda spread far worse. So, how do we break through? How should we look for another way, our spring


I am not in favor of garbage sites, out of order through various means, the net circle over, what did not provide valuable content to our customers, the result is a hurry to leave the net, or send a few out of order advertising, there is no long-term effect of the website is.

I think, no matter how bad the big alligator, but always have their circle to land, we only find business opportunities from society, from the gap for the survival;

classified information should carry out line promotional activities, make the information timely, make more accurate and more efficient; for customers, with business communication, more in the area of school street hair dM, if the money is adequate to advertise in newspapers and magazines.

we should do more to do predators where predators to unexpected places, believe small sites also have "small" advantage, let clever we have our spring as soon as possible.

AD finally, I love a station, Chengdu on the supply and demand information network –