review: why so many girls play idiotic or aunt so spoony, the key is two things: the sense and spirit of fantasy.


I often watch idiotic drama, nowadays is the fire from the "energy-saving", then to "before you come from the stars", and then to the small time Guo Jingming 123, I have read every word. Chairman Mao said, "no investigation, no right to speak", I have seen so many idiotic dramas, even for girls anthomaniac tailored TV variety show, so I feel for this piece is still have the right to speak.

first I want to say is that many adults, especially men, for this drama is idiotic anthomaniac. I think it is not necessary. You laugh at the kid’s idiotic drama has multiple false silly, and are aware of these action, mainstream science fiction is not keen on the realistic logic. Entertainment product itself is to meet the different preference of cultural imaginary, so there is no need to seriously despise each other over. Besides, the likes of Guo Jingming family themselves thought also had depth is, but the market demand driven him to write the idiotic novel, I think if he is to IT ring absolute first-class product manager. Of course, this article does not discuss the value of things, only discuss the commercial logic: whether the product promotion for female users, or make a woman’s money, or through the psychological woman, even the woman down (Wu Handi, you this beast!), I believe this article is instructive for you.

why so much drama idiotic female or aunt so spoony, the key is two things: the sense and spirit of fantasy.


into a sense that is to say, you can find yourself in them. Such as "energy-saving" inside the heroine, stupid and lazy, but also not very beautiful; school achievement is not good, but since that innocent and lively, this is not to say you? (look up the brain many ex girlfriend) to let the beautiful clever lazy lesbian the cell into a sense?! the same is also true for men, you see those porn actor inside the most ugly old and poor body. The male audience immediately looked at: I X, I did not look good, if the goods can be X to the goddess, why can not I. See?! feel stronger than the protagonist, this is also a kind of sense of substitution (do not know why the article wrote more yellow).

The other element of

is the spirit of fantasy, the one you like or who you want to be. Such as "energy-saving" inside the case, the handsome, clever and chivalrous and spoony man love actress love – half alive this kind of treatment and experience is the female audience all want to have; but the hero is all female viewers love people, meet the most fantasy woman for man. All in all, the masses of women for love, there is an ideal