how to get the key from the first

first said, I am a novice, I cherish every experience, I feel he is not easy. You can go.

because of my station PR did 1, in more than a month, I feel this can still, feel the ADMIN5 to do a summary of the stage, I grew up here. I’m too flattering


I really do not want to tell you this experience, really do not want to. I feel that if we all know, I don’t exist.

but what if I don’t tell you what I’m supposed to do here?

so I thought of a way. I think smart people can see

figure Wang understanding, if it is very straightforward to tell you this trick, I will not sleep. Please forgive my selfishness. But

I still want to point to

through smart people

how to get the key from the first

I’m so exaggerating.

so, I give you an example, we analyze the

you search in Baidu computer CPU temperature test and CPU temperature test to see the difference in the first page there, Baidu know not forget.

you in the Baidu search ADMIN5 Chinese respectively build website information center and information center to see the difference in there, why? And then turn to see key differences, I think we all understand why.

actual figure of the king’s own station to consider too full, so that the following example we seem to have difficulty, it does not matter, who is called the king of the map.

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Wang, you know, don’t tell everybody, this is my Jiabao. Hey。

is gone.

yes, your experience is not good, but I don’t change with you.