we are a specialized online shopping website in the early publicity, I mainly use e-mail group to promote, in the absence of any link to the case, now our website PR has risen to 1,

email is now the website promotion is used more in a way that is mainly rely on mass mailing software to complete, I made a survey, there are lots of free email software, but the accuracy of their mailbox and send the completion rate is not very good, a lot of charge for bulk mail good software. I use the two days to do some analysis, using a free email software to do the experiment, in six hours, sent one hundred thousand e-mails, accuracy because the amount is large, there is no way to detailed statistics, according to the proportion, in about 80%, I was a personal website to engage in cooperation and the experiment, in 22 hours we sent a message, the number of sites IP access is 147, that is to say the mail conversion rate is 0.183%, although access volume is not large, but for the first time to do the experiment, I think there are still a lot of harvest. Based on this, I think in the mass mailing this propaganda, we should do the following arrangement:

1: mass mailing free I find a cornucopia, called the mass mailing, sending speed can also be just a mailbox data update is not very fast, every day can send about 100 thousand emails, if possible, about every day can remit when ya bring 150 of the traffic,

2: the mass mailing fee I explored several, I think there is a called mingchuang (mstrong.net.cn) of the mass mailing the effect is very good, give me a few demo, can also feel, but the price is about 800 yuan, I have calculated that, if the email can make this mail listserv does not stop, a day can send 130 thousand messages, relatively high effectiveness of mail, if their conversion rate can reach 2%, that our website will be greatly improved.

3: mail content is very important, I wrote a message content, as follows:

mail Title: Alibaba and the exchange together to create a female shopping platform

e-mail: with relevant media reports, recently in Hangzhou, a Alibaba of B2B and B2C sinks when Blair, together to create fashion women’s shopping paradise, here will bring together the latest and most complete, the most fashionable female products, from women are most concerned about the beauty, fashion apparel, fashion bags to the most with the era of the jewelry and gifts, best for the age of women to create a shopping paradise belongs to you.

I suggest that the content of the message can be simply made posters, may need to design a certain support, which put a few women are most interested in cosmetics or jewelry, etc., play a visual effect. In addition, the four words of the shopping paradise, we should link through the text, the link between these four and our website