if you want to check 2016 Internet circle the greatest public reversal events, nature is the case Nora is the trial of the case, the scene not only verse frequent, but also as a whistleblower LETV Nora infringement by netizens as public opinion target and injury, even with the same name "potato chips" was also baodiao. However, after more than ten years of baptism, network violence has become more rational. When Jia Yueting pointed out that micro-blog is innocence, LETV reported in the video industry is a homely food "copyright", a surge of public relations crisis becomes immediately resolved. However, behind this thing, but also because of the awareness of copyright protection of Chinese Internet users have significantly improved.

large mergers and acquisitions of small companies to the original right

in fact, the last two years, due to the improvement of copyright protection environment, our country’s cultural industry is undergoing tremendous changes. In 2014, the mainland film market reached 29 billion 400 million, 36 films in 2015, billions of dollars, this figure is more than 40 billion at the box office over one billion films is 7; on the other hand, as a branch of cultural industry, the two dimensional culture in 2015 with Longxing potential. Just a few days ago, the Beijing metro line one train into the whole train station B elements, the interior of the car by the B station two dimensional decoration, caused a warm response.

behind this phenomenon is a leap forward development of Chinese animation industry. Throughout the year 2015, the animation industry has two major trends, the pace of mergers and acquisitions of industry giants to accelerate the pace, at the same time, the content based Internet startups have also been rapid development. The secret of "one hundred thousand joke" by exploring the high box office, IP animation industry achieved 120 million in 2015 July, the New Anime "young bee" also officially launched, in the animation industry start-ups, Yaoqi should be regarded as "the old man", the last two years with the rise of mobile Internet entrepreneurship, the the new field is also increasing, and the formation of a strong competitive situation. Among them, a number of entertainment Ali gene a mobile phone platform to diffuse cool, located in the mobile terminal has spookiness, has entered the first camp mobile terminal in a half years. A few days ago, rice as the main organizer of cool in both China and Japan jointly organized the "monkey Cup" cartoon contest has officially opened in Beijing, let people see the rapid development of the two dimension start-up company at the same time have the vision to look beyond the platform.

startups how to solve BAT three ultimate problem

in the PC era, each Internet entrepreneurs will encounter three major problems: health, death, Tencent. In the mobile Internet era, these three issues become: BAT, BAT, BAT. In recent years, the giants for the cultural industry layout seemingly casual, actually have a ready pen. Among them, Ali has set up Ali Ali pictures, music, and the depth distribution of online ticketing market, and through investment Youku between animation industry access. Tencent is a large number of Japanese anime IP purchased in the country