The link is king, your content enough, web page also has enough beautiful, it is time, beloved MJJ webmaster friends, updated with two articles, pondering with which the CMS, based on template time, do website promotion, website promotion, link the king?!

said the website promotion, certainly bear the brunt is SEO, what is SEO, simply say that search engine optimization, this estimate is also very easy to understand the new words, there are a few master really handy.

original plus user experience +SEO look at the complaints of the outdated and ADMIN5 on it, the original line on the front row in the original example of the reprint abound. All these differences in there, it is time to wake up the brain.

one after another to your site will not become information islands.

said for a long time, how to do the link to do it, the first link, but one-way reverse link efficiency is better than the dual link SEO effect much better, but pay attention to the following 3 aspects.

below is my finishing for everyone,

a, trust

1 links to the introduction of a high degree of trust, high PR, high traffic, high collection, high ranking, are indicators.

2 import links to the page itself of the export link is less than 100, to avoid a large number of pages out of the chain.

3 import links as long as possible, a link has been established, it is best to continue it. If it is to buy links, it is best to continue to pay.

two, correlation

1 links to the theme of the web page is closely related to the content of the web page. In the "one after another ([url][/url])" before the purchase link, we must look at each other’s content description and tag are suitable for their own, do not blindly buy. Similarly, the sale of links must describe their content and tag write.

2 import links are built in the core area of the reverse link page. Reverse link anchor text around the keyword based combination of words, if the title text, H text and keywords related to the better.

3 reverse link anchor text.

three, naturalization

1 the best link from different IP, avoid the same IP site links.

2 reverse link anchor text (link text) should be diversified. It is better to use some phrases that contain keywords.

3 do not all links point to a page, but appropriate to other content page

4 reverse link growth rate is not too fast, and gradually increase.

5 link