recently in several groups and talking to people, there are a lot of friends are asking, do e-commerce websites (such as wholesale) there is a rapid increase in traffic, what approach, some people buy ads, some people go to the forum and the promotion of micro-blog, in fact I think we know in, through the optimization of the site itself the same can make site traffic soared get results, here to share with you in traffic promotion ten Magic:

A: the characteristics of the site content

for the promotion of the site, the author’s view is that the platform is only based on the content is the key. The content of the website is very distinctive, visitors will often come to see, return rate is high, so the construction of good content is king. The content here is not limited to articles and information, can also be other services, such as e-commerce socks products, or the seller’s service, etc..

with the characteristics of the content can be divided into the following 5 categories:

1, the characteristics of the column: now a lot of wind zinc are doing interviews column, the industry website is very advantageous

2, has the advantage of content: This is not the author said that the article online so much.

3, heroic character: this point is very suitable for community interactive website.

4, the characteristics of the module: for example, some SNS sites such as parking spaces game.

5, featured services: such as the mall website package, free gifts, etc..

two: clever title party

a lot of people talk about the title of the party, that is in the traffic flow, where I want to say is a good title of the party, not only allows users to click, but also play a role in SEO optimization. But the title and content should be closely linked to a beggar, if the content is irrelevant, or too exaggerated, let users feel as if they were comfortable but the.

three: column subdivision


section of the web site is the city road signs, visitors come in after can quickly find the required content rely on it, so sensible, reasonable, according to the actual needs of the user segments of the column, set properly, the user can easily find what they need, the SEO also has a indirect effect.

four: targeted topics

here said the topic is from the perspective of the promotion of the market, there are two main functions:

1, if the capacity of the site can not be great, the subdivision of a column of some specific points, you can set up a special supplement and in-depth introduction, through the special database is equivalent to the same subject or related content for targeted promotion.

2, search engine optimization, because of the special features of the directory, the contents of the special, rich in the chain >