with the increasing volume of hotel business, the hotel to choose a suitable hotel management system to enhance the hotel service is becoming more and more important, to bring more scientific and efficient management of the hotel. However, the hotel management system emerge in an endless stream, each with their own characteristics, as hotel operators, how to choose a suitable hotel management software? Next, small inventory of 2014 of the most popular hotel management software, hotel management software 2014 the latest list for your reference.

TOP1, Tengyun hotel management software

Tengyun hotel management system by the authority of experts jcipc software development, information for mid-range hotel brand leader! Was founded in 2007, over the years the company focused on hotel management software shengengxizuo. By the end of June 2014, cloud management software series of users has exceeded 80000, the highest in the nation, and this number is constantly growing. The hotel is software for the remote query display function, the first for 24 hours, the first launch of the hotel check-out self-help service system, the realization of the first hotel o2o consumption in closed loop, simple operation, safe and stable, perfect customer service service system, 100% blocked loophole is widely recognized as the industry. Applicable to the hotel, dining, bathing and other modules integrated management of the hotel.

TOP2, the soft hotel management software

soft hotel management system was established in 1995, is the best hotel software and service China comprehensive solutions provider. Integration of the international advanced management mode, to meet the different hotels diversified, personalized and humanized demand, convenient operation, the booking, reception, cashier, inquiries working together to achieve the hotel reception one-stop service. Soft mainly for high-end star hotel to provide integrated solutions.

TOP3, Westsoft hotel management software

Westsoft company was founded in 1993, is a professional committed to the Turist Hotel industry information construction, development and service of high-tech enterprises. Since 1998, has been ranked first in Chinese hotel management system provider. Xiruan occupies more than 90% of the share in the market information management system China five star hotels, the exclusive Ngau Tau, is currently the leading hotel management information system comprehensive solutions provider, is the most high star hotel software system user.

TOP4, Meiping hotel management software

Meiping hotel management software is our company launched a professional hotel management software, founded in 1999, in the hotel room management system (hotel management software), hotel management system, hotel management system, hotel articles management system, powerful function of hotel reservation system as a fully integrated China hotel industry management situation, system interface is simple and beautiful, simple operation, normal use without special training. > >