group purchase website crazy growth, daily growth with 3-4 frequency estimation, it now has more than 1 thousand large and small group purchase website, as a professional web site operators, the sense that we thought was the first time the site will decide on what path to follow such fierce competition such as survival? What is the group purchase force in


group purchase website to its mode is simple, highly reproducible, less investment, low technical threshold and a large number of birth, to the NetEase, Sohu, Tencent, Sina, 58 city, housing, small to personal set of open source code, are doing the group purchase website, a new round of reshuffle will be quickly came to the group purchase. So many of the group purchase website will decide on what path to follow?

is here today to discuss how to buy the site and how to operate


a good buy product

good group purchase products, can attract the user’s desire to buy, there is a low discount, how business products, have good service and so on, have a direct impact on the size of our order, all how to choose and look for good business, excellent products become the key to our website group purchase, can quickly from the group purchase in the army the talent shows itself.

two, high-quality group service

so now the group purchase website, for the tour, in addition to the price of the product is low, more attention is the group purchase service, whether the group purchase site provides a convenient customer service service, heard a lot of friends who participated in the group purchase group purchase things to complain, for a long time to enjoy an appointment, and obvious treatment the treatment group purchase enjoy the businesses as well as normal consumption, and even a group purchase site did not what customer service service capacity, only to sell their own, these are affecting the group purchase website development details, and even affect the development of the whole group purchase industry risks. Some time ago the Mochi time is an omen, is a very good reminder to do group purchase website, the first to do their own products, services, improve the security system, allow consumers to fully trust you, to form a good reputation propaganda

three, buy site promotion

no matter how good the product, and then good service, and then a good platform, no publicity, no promotion is not successful, and we talk about a few points to buy the site promotion means

1, the traditional online operators to promote

this is not to say that web site operators do know, SEO/SEM, forums, blogs and other web site operators to promote the basic, improve website exposure site IP/PV basic operation data, insist to do, will have the effect of

2, email marketing

license e-mail marketing, through the list of users, full of e-mail marketing, and constantly monitor the effect of improving the user’s transfer rate

3, online resource cooperation

now skyrocketing group purchase website at the same time, "