March 27th news, informed of the latest, late yesterday, Tmall announced the new rules, says it will start repaying bad business. Tmall in March 9th when the implementation of the new standards settled, there are a large number of industry insiders predict that this initiative.

according to the announcement, the Tmall to lay off bad business mainly for selling fake products and inconsistent with the physical business.

it is understood that spamming commodity information, commodity information does not match the description of the business will be aggravated offense, regulatory punishment. Because the buyer does not describe the impact of the use of the fourth times the deduction of 12 points, undisclosed defects, the 6 deduction of fifth points.


add specific provisions

is particularly worth mentioning is that the Tmall added a right of repaying "repeatedly violate the rules specific provisions of" business rules. This specific provisions, including businesses in violation of counterfeit material ingredients, the release of non agreed goods.

in addition, the "specific provisions" also includes Taobao lock parts, sales non qualified manufacturers of goods will be banned and aggravate the point penalty, the cumulative points 5 times, Tmall will be removed.

serious violations to deal with new

it is understood that in the illegal processing, Tmall improved 48 points deducted the liquidated damages amount, selling banned, stolen cheat money, delinquent loans, pay liquidated damages equal to repaying.

In March 9th Tmall

to improve the business occupancy threshold, a cosmetics brand responsible person told billion state power network, Tmall this long time has not been a merchant repaying measures, many uneven businesses join, rarely in the Tmall brand profit platform is more chaos. Tmall will be the next operation is not so good brand gradually eliminated, and do a better brand can be bigger and bigger." He said.

home appliance brands, said Tmall is the beginning of positioning is the pursuit of quality, the pursuit of quality, enhance the threshold for the Qing shop, to some extent, is a return to the beginning of the heart.

coincidentally, just yesterday, the blue ocean pier had mentioned in a conversation with the state power grid, Tmall international maddening and big, big sellers play against Ma "let the world is not difficult to do business in the beginning of the heart.