last year to buy the site is changing with the change of the season, in the summer of 2011 is the most popular group buying site, and in the winter of 2011, buy site also to the freezing point, most layoffs closed. In 2012, in March, after the group purchase website through localization services will become the highlight of analgesia.

buy this concept is not strange, from simple online shopping we can find the advantage. For example, in the Taobao shopping, a commodity 100 yuan, postage 15 yuan, the price is 115 yuan, if you buy the same goods, the postage is still 15 yuan, a single commodity price is 107.5 yuan, this is the charm of group purchase.

a lot of consumers will buy and bundled sales as a whole, which is a mistake in the concept of consumption, and some businesses use bundling to deceive consumers when the event occurs. How to avoid such incidents? We have used Taobao shopping, for example, group purchase can save postage, the relative decrease of purchase price. Once the product problem how to do? How to pay the postage? In addition, there is a problem emerged, the same goods, only a few hundred dollars or even tens of dollars, in order to save postage for the same seller, the time spent is the cost?

so, in group purchase location, many consumers and businesses are not doing a good job, one of which is why the site crashed out of the 2011 group purchase group purchase website after as a warning for the future, after the reshuffle, the majority of the group purchase website in adhere to the lessons learned after the rise again!

That China group purchase industry

Analysys International released the report "2012" the trend of development in the last year, group purchase market transactions amounted to 24 billion, 75% from the business and website cooperation, feedback from consumers, the general reputation of local life services group purchase activities, complaints events rarely occurred. With the combination of local and local businesses more and more intensive, localized buy site is increasing steadily, showing a good momentum of development.

although the vast majority of group purchase website last year is a loss of business, the local group purchase site relative to be improved, that is, the website and the local industry group purchase with activities, allowing local users and businesses through the website for the third party support, in general, participate in group purchase business has a certain reputation in the local. According to the website and sign up to participate in group purchase of users and businesses, through consultation, to ensure that the price is to ensure the quality of.

localization buy site services to bulk commodities as the main target group, such as color TV, refrigerators, air conditioning, etc., in addition, the local service industry is also actively participate in the activities of the group. Especially in the catering industry, the hotel group purchase activities, hotel and catering industry can avoid the peak flow for the most affordable price in the period of user group purchase scarce traffic, although relatively cheap, but for the service industry, as long as the flow, there is profit. According to relevant data show that last year to buy food turnover is 5 billion yuan >