yesterday became "car home home road resistance and long, Ping An trust transaction or alleged monopoly by the Ministry of Commerce review" the let the market take note of Ping An Trust bought car home equity capital may also exist the problem variables, especially in the car home management has clearly expressed antagonism in the background, Ping An trust to achieve capital will be difficult.

Ping An Trust to buy the home of the control of the capital factor is amplified

according to Ping An trust the latest earnings information, in 2015 operating income of 6 billion 287 million yuan, an increase of 48.35%; net profit of 3 billion 109 million yuan, an increase of 41.96%; the trust plan asset management scale of 558 billion 435 million yuan, an increase of 39.66%; investment income 2 billion 92 million yuan, an increase of 54.16%. Strong financial and fund-raising ability so strong Ping An Trust, need from Macao, bought the car home 47.7% shares of $1 billion 600 million is simply not a big problem, the problem now is that according to the existing policy, the transaction can not be reached smoothly, can successfully privatized again return to A shares reached after.

The problem of

capital markets is simple and easy to say, complex and difficult. When all goes well, a lot of problems seem simply the natural result, when resistance leads to capital behavior cannot be run smoothly, the stumbling block of various laws and regulatory policies, responsibilities and other factors can become investment behavior. Control in the acquisition of Ping An Trust car home on this thing, the beginning everybody believes that Macao resolutely implement the existing agreements, control of the car home can be smoothly changed hands, and when the car home management always take the opposite attitude, who had neglected the capital industry gradually let small problems not bad money, Ping an trust in the "money" issue.

according to the car home road resistance and long, a piece of view, dismantling VIE, backdoor listing, antitrust law, funds out of the country has become an acquisition of 47.7% car safety trust hidden problems. These problems are not appear before other companies mergers and acquisitions investment, privatization, backdoor listing process, why buy the car home in Ping An Trust shares has become a big problem hindering? The reason is very simple, is to Ping An Trust and the car home tube has great possibility with each other physical layer. The day before the Qin Dynasty to released internal letter, car home management on already reached a consensus, and has been the company’s internal staff support, in this case, even if will become the largest shareholder of Ping An Trust car home can not be removed, the car home management integration. Even if the board of directors of the car there is a big difference of opinion, whether it is the short term privatization or backdoor listing in the future can not be carried out smoothly.

Ping An Trust to buy the car home control what is the intention of

is now gradually led to the external pressure of public opinion Ping An Trust, but so far there is no formal security trust >