mobile phone Taobao mobile phone Taobao team revealed that the team is expected to launch 360° this year; the display of goods "," 360° virtual fitting function.

simply, the user can see a three-dimensional clothes on Taobao, you can rotate 360 degrees of view, you can zoom in closer to view details from various angles. The concrete realization way is using intelligent mobile phone seller ordinary commodity, around the turn to take 20 – 40 photos, upload photos to Taobao cloud, through the algorithm analysis, can form three-dimensional model data items.

Taobao users can also simulate the same way in the same way a virtual "themselves" to view the clothing of the upper body effect". But people familiar with related technology told 36 krypton, which requires modeling of each object separately, the cost is not small.

In fact, some of the electricity supplier

has been trying to "virtual" technology, but "virtual fitting" technology has considerable technical threshold. In the virtual fitting UNIQLO "room", the user can select and their close model, "the different styles of clothes for". The Jingdong store from the beginning of 2014 push "virtual fitting room", users can take pictures, adjust the height and weight, shoulder width index, form a virtual "own" on the Internet, but this function still can not completely copy the user’s "body", and can only show positive.


so Jingdong chose to find foreign aid". At the end of last year, the Jingdong in cooperation with Intel, will Intel the "real sense technology" into "Jingdong in the virtual fitting room" function. When the Jingdong said, "3D commodity display, virtual fitting within two years is expected to fall to the ground."

so, mobile phone Taobao launched the 360° this year; virtual fitting "task is very heavy.

360 degrees commodity display, the fitting is actually through SFM (Structure from Motion structure for motion) technology. SFM technology can recover from the two-dimensional image of the corresponding three-dimensional scene, Google Panoramic Map and Facebook panoramic video are based on this technology development.

At the same time

in foreign countries, have a relatively mature virtual fitting service. Startups with Metail "users with photos + 3D data" virtual "personal model", the user can see the clothes "true body" effect, the company received $12 million B round of financing last year.

but when deciding whether or not to buy a piece of clothing, the factors considered as well as the material of the clothes, hang down feeling and upper body dynamic effects, etc.. Another American start-up companies PhiSix try to solve this problem, their version type, by reference to the material parameters such as clothes itself, allowing users to see their different actions under the environment of dynamic fitting effect.