data show that China has become second only to the United States, the second largest consumer of maternal and child products. 2015 China pregnant baby industry market size is expected to exceed 2 trillion yuan, the maternal electricity supplier market size in 100 billion -2000 billion yuan. The second release, means that the market has a larger scale, the major maternal electricity providers have joined the field of rampant cake battle. However, and other homogenization of the mother and child electricity supplier is different, the well-known mother and child cross-border electricity supplier honey bud in the second half of 2015 began to change their position, force in the city to meet the needs of the middle class family".

since July 2015 from the "baby" was renamed "Honey bud" since, honey bud with a year’s time achieved by the maternal consumption of major changes in parenting, starting family consumption, complete consumption expansion and upgrading of user groups. Honey bud CFO Sun Wei said that the main reason for the change is the honey bud ultimately want to do is not only a vertical maternal electricity supplier, but to provide a full range of needs for the city’s middle class families. Category, at the beginning of 2014, honey bud has been gradually on-line consumer goods and home products.


to "baby", how to change the honey bud? According to the honey bud founder and CEO Liu Nan said, the whole platform non maternal and child products (the total turnover accounted for more than GMV) growth was significantly higher than the counterparts in the third quarter of 2015, this figure is close to 20%. Among them, the "non maternal and child products contributed 17% of the GMV, milk powder and diapers GMV ratio to 35%, in view of the majority of the formula accounting for maternal electricity providers are still ranked 60%, this set of data in a baby honey bud business very brisk.

Liu Nan also attached importance to the proportion of sales of standard products, the level of this data often determines whether a mother and child electronic business platform to make money. The light is not to make money selling diapers, burn, will burn. We have honey bud industry wide minimum standard product sales accounted for the proportion of milk and diapers sold long at around 40%." In addition, in 2015, honey bud business focus shifted from the PC end to the mobile terminal. It is reported that in December the proportion of honey bud mobile terminal sales reached 97%, which makes Liu Nan shocked".

honey bud meaning sweet bud, Liu Nan said, this bud represents a family after the birth of a child to open a new stage of life, in terms of consumption with the arrival of the child and many changes. Honey bud is gradually building a large mother and child ecosystem, the formation of a set of Chinese families to provide help for the child rearing system. Honey bud is not only the mother and child supplies to sell electricity supplier, or to lead the trend of parenting, improve the family life habits of parents guide.