May 16th, Amazon announced a $20 million investment in fresh electricity supplier in Shanghai delicious Shanghai Network Technology Co., Ltd. 77. This is since 2004, Amazon acquired excellent Amazon China, first investment in mainland Chinese.

delicious 77 is a fresh electricity supplier, and fresh electricity supplier is currently a hot category in the field of electricity providers, Amason overwhelmed investment can be described as hot spots.

for Amazon, even from the beginning of last year, landing the Kindle and e-book market and Amazon’s public cloud services, but Chinese into 10 more years the company is an e-commerce company, and the performance was not so well as local enterprises.

but compared to the previous two years, Amazon has begun to become active in china. However, for the future Amazon will have more business landing in China, Amazon said there are no more details revealed. Can break through the previous conservative, people need to make a question mark.

‘s $20 million

small shareholders

according to reports, delicious 77 was founded in February 2013, is a fresh product based electricity supplier companies, the current coverage is mainly for Shanghai and its surrounding areas. Its products cover seasonal Vegetable & Fruit, poultry eggs and milk, seafood, snack foods, drinks, seasoning oil and other six categories of goods, is the flagship product positioning mainly imported, high-quality goods.

delicious 77 CEO MI on twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said that the capital injection will help Amazon steadily expanded its business scale, and further enrich selected products, and expand business development outside of Shanghai.


vice president Feng Sizhe said that this investment is to help further expand in the fresh food 77 e-commerce, including more categories of food selection, lower prices and a more rapid and efficient cold chain distribution service.

it is understood that, as one of the founders of the electricity supplier industry, Amazon began to try this type of business Amazon Fresh in the United States in 2007. Initially, this service is only for the Seattle region (Amazon headquarters), but in 2013 began to enter the San Francisco, as well as southern California.

previously Amazon in China and no fresh class service. Amazon fresh in North America have been very advanced, in addition to Amazon’s proprietary product, and even local grocery stores or restaurants and three party products can be served by Amazon fresh advanced logistics system.

but Feng Sizhe still said that Amazon has been very cautious for fresh electricity supplier, if you want to carry out this business in China, you need to learn from other domestic enterprises. Fresh electricity supplier is very difficult, we need to better understand the needs of local customers want, and the need for specific operational experience, the future will be the operation of the operation >