Archimedes said, "give me a fulcrum and I will move the earth!", network promotion and network marketing success desire, such as leveraging not less. The potential resources to exploit the advantages of resources, success will be close at hand. A5 edit the text of the dream of "cooperation in the network environment need to consciously develop their own network of resources", which is to clarify the important role of human resources in the operation of the site. Prior to the earlier, there are also some of the importance of A5 issued a document put forward the importance of resources, such as the end of the electricity supplier circle SEO optimization contest, in fact, is a contest of resources. Although the words and resources, who can be in two words or three of them shine each one airs his own views, but Zhuojianzhenzhi, advantage of resource acquisition is not an easy job to do.


would hold this view, in six years ago and even predicted that when the Tencent development to a certain extent, rely on the QQ client desktop power, in the hundreds of millions of customers, just plug in a pole will blossom everywhere". At the time, the development of the Internet is just beginning. Therefore, Tencent use holiday time overnight silent upgrade doctor QQ computer housekeeper, let Zhou Hongyi very shocked after the 3Q war foreshadowed, enough to see the importance of resources. Throughout the Internet oligarchs to promote their products, you can clearly know the importance of resources. It is said that although micro-blog products have not yet found the road to profitability, the Tencent has been in hot pursuit of sina shed, with a huge amount of users to become the second largest micro-blog, one of the secrets through the new version of the QQ page layout is not difficult to find. A similar promotion is also reflected in the Sogou high-speed browser and 360 security desktop, with the existing extensive clients continue to push advertising or tampering with the system components, constantly take cities and seize territory.

is free after winning as cheerful as a lark, won hundreds of millions of users, but also resorted to open the banner of Zhou Hongyi. High profile announced the 360 security guards, the 360 security desktop, buy platform game platform is completely open, access providers can share hundreds of millions of user resources, while Zhou Hongyi will be 2011 as the first year of China’s Internet open. Open not only 360, and defeated the 3Q field, has been in the heart of the grievances of Tencent, how can Ma Huateng rich behind others after (after closed pseudo innovation is the weakness of Tencent). "Premeditated" open long and Alibaba and Baidu two Internet giants, Sogou number of users is not high, also announced a high-speed browser as the entry point into the open in the afternoon of July 19th. The opening is also true for many small and medium enterprises, quickly find the product marketing channels, Tencent announced that 200 million micro-blog users, and partners will be divided into 200 million yuan. The 2011 March statistics also show that the number of open platform Tencent dream factory, cooperative developers month divided into more than 5 million.

however, the Internet giant roar of the wind, the hundreds of millions of billions of small open talking in front of the grassroots

still fell dejected!

according to January 29, 2011, CNNIC released the twenty-seventh China >