seven years ago, someone told you, open Taobao store can make money, do you believe it?

five years ago, someone told you, playing micro-blog can make money, do you believe it?

three years ago, someone told you, buy can make money, do you believe it?

is because we do not believe these, led us to miss one after another opportunity, one because we do not have long-term vision, two is because we lack the courage to. Have the courage to take risks now earn people’s body and we are still in the bowl full of pots, waiting for the next round of opportunity.

empty now, tell you, WeChat marketing can still make money, you believe it? Of course, not to say that I encourage everyone actively join the WeChat wave of marketing, if you just want to products for the WeChat marketing, this time you don’t dare to dare to try the


first consider these issues:

1 can help maintain good relationship with old customers

2 can help bring new customers

3 WeChat this platform is gathered most of our customers


4 can bring us the desired benefits?

when you read these heart the answer is yes, then you don’t worry you will not do WeChat marketing, because it will bring you fun WeChat A5 city marketing, and share with you some of my experience.

was responsible for the promotion of the city is [email protected] the public number, because it is the official public platform of A5 station network, so when the promotion is very smooth, after all, the brand on it, soon will bring more than 30 thousand fans, this is not their own efforts, so this is not to say.

first, the traditional business

my cousin at home in the small town opened a beauty shop, is still on the level of the business, but has not been very good, try a lot of preferential measures are not effective, I say dinner, or let me try.

applied for a WeChat public number, and made two pieces in Yilabao, and write, scan two-dimensional code, next time to enjoy 20 percent off discount (Beauty profits in this industry is too large), and a bottle of cream, a lot of people will come out in front of a mobile phone to sweep, after all the beauty one year is not large, WeChat is still used to play.

let every beautician have their own WeChat personal number, and let her try to add her clients and friends, whether it is work or at home, are human friends with near, every day to complete the task, there is a bonus, not deduct the wages, when they reach a certain number of friends every day, issued on the beauty shop information in my circle of friends.

printing leaflets, led to the street, a female staff, almost no man, see the age appropriate, it.