08 years enough for us to think about a few fragments:

fragment one: personal webmaster

webmaster, can only stand growth?

webmaster, the Olympic Games can bring us what opportunities

personal webmaster, the last battle before the Olympics

fragment two: Olympic Games and Internet

faces the two opportunities and challenges of the Beijing Olympic Games and the Internet, the rapid growth of China’s media is extending the influence of the Internet, as an opportunity for the media convergence trend is more obvious. The Olympic Games, is the webmaster of straw or drifting cloud. 08 years into the Olympic Games also lost.

fragment three:.Cn era

is affected by the 08 years of the Olympic Games and the "corn" were registered, considering from two aspects of media industry internet marketing situation and brand awareness, the domain name.Cn will be more and more popular,.Com will also be the same as full appreciation of the possible hot.

fragment four: online advertising

Internet advertising trends:

1 directional advertising

2 Precision communication

3 interactive marketing

4 customer experience

5 word of mouth

6 integrated media promotion

fragment five: does the community have a family name?

the end of the world, domestic users known Wurenbuxiao; from MYSPACE was acquired for $1 billion 650 million; in 2007, thought bubble again. FACEBOOK media estimates market capitalization of more than $15 billion, attracted Microsoft and Li Jiacheng shares. How about