first, Taobao guest, you are willing to earn 30 yuan, or would like to earn $100, respectively, people $50. The reason is very simple, as long as you simply set a good commission, you can wait for others to promote you. Why not?? on setting up the Commission skills, detail Taobao, recommended to set the Commission to take a look at the money.

second, all kinds of activities registration. We open my Taobao, there is an event registration. Every week, Taobao will launch a number of activities, of course, each activity has registration requirements and restrictions, you can find their own compliance with the registration. I can only tell you that the flow of an event, not a month you can strive to achieve two months, Taobao’s strength is great. Therefore, there are suitable for their own activities, be sure to sign up, do not be afraid of trouble. Here want to emphasise that most are consumer protection, Taobao shop shopkeeper, know what to do? To join disappear! This is your customer confidence in the most direct way to


third, forum promotion. Forum promotion, the effect is very obvious, but to adhere to, pick a few you like the forum, in line with their own types of goods. Do promotion, many forums are not allowed to advertise directly, even if allowed, others do not like to see. So, use your signature. Positive message, active in the forum, multiple post, essence, high quality posts. The essence of the effect of a post is better than 100 nonsense posts. The more times you show up, the more opportunities you have to show up. The greater the chance of being clicked. You can also write some treasure and the like posts, Posts good picture of goods, so that others know that you are a businessman, not only does not dislike, but also may take the initiative to contact you ask the goods.

fourth, Taobao gang. Taobao Gang, as the name implies, are Taobao buyers sellers, and they are the most likely to buy your goods crowd. Enthusiastic reply to other people’s posts, his many good posts. To participate in the activities of the gang, not only to get prizes, but also the opportunity to go home. The last page of the volume, I want to. Do not post posts in order to post, and to make some meaningful words, to help others, so that others will remember you, appreciate you, so go to your shop. This is called soft advertising.

fifth, blog. I often my own Sina blog posts now, there are various aspects of the story, the mood ah, Taobao story ah, there are some useful information, then each blog posted below links, their stores still remember, don’t write too much advertising text or no one see. So I now have more than 1 thousand Posts often read every day, I can bring to the store with an independent IP 30 or 40. This is enough, the effect can be. Don’t expect too much of each kind of propaganda. Promotion, always in your efforts, will see the effect of.

sixth, the major search engine entrance. To the major search engine portal, submit their own shop, only a few minutes, the effect of their own practice. Each.