The whole process of

two years to their website promotion

    I believe we should be familiar with the network! I contacted the network in October 2009, because of our hometown is tea, so the first time the site is named for the Anxi tea tea website Yupin incense, remember very excited after all have their own website, and then he began to understand some information about SEO from the internet.

    at that time, my understanding of SEO is like this, to promote the original article, and I was the original article is a headache, because they do not know how to write ah, how to do? So I only write pseudo original and promote their own websites in the Sina blog, because their PR value is 0 very few people are willing to do with my friendship connection, but I have a few friends also have a website and in 2 and 3 have the PR value, I have several friends to do some connection to start his own promotion, to in December 2009 my PR value rose to 2, I was very glad his efforts finally paid off, so I always according to their own ideas to promote the PR value rises to 3 until March 2010, Tieguanyin 63 row in Baidu keyword, key words Anxi Tieguanyin Tea row in Baidu 53, in order to prove the authenticity of you can to Baidu search, my site is Anxi tea Yupin Hong

      although it has a good ranking, but the flow or rarely, so their network evaluation, a site navigation in July 2010, but I feel a good web site navigation, the key is to have a good domain name, like hao123 265 114la it appears that the domain name is the most an important navigation website ah, but online navigation is most of the site’s home site navigation to name, I feel to be a characteristic of the net, then named online navigation domain, the difference of my website is a platform for the dissemination of news.

      next talk about their promotion methods hope you some advice, after all they do tea website promotion is not very ideal.

    a.QQ publicity, they can be promoted through QQ group, although a bit annoying, but as long as you often update your QQ signature, which will be displayed in the QQ space.

    two. To promote the forum, not only to have the title of good content must be interesting to attract people in the forum, and it can’t have too obvious link, it will make people as advertising was deleted.

    three. Blog promotion, can write articles in the Sina blog, if the article is good, generally the same day will be included in Baidu, because Sina high weight Baidu spider often attached to suck fresh blood. >