in February 6th, I wrote "QQ space marketing (media operations) 10 days practice notes", just started from the media, also wrote "operation from the media plan" and "case analysis" of media operations, today, just thirtieth days of operations.

these 30 days, wrote a total of 29 articles, the average article can bring 50 one-way, that is to say a total increase of QQ one-way about 1500, it is called a friend instead of fans, because they just add me, I can see the dynamic space every day, the number of every day the real concern, to play a big discount.

From the

space data can also be seen, now space visits per day is about 500, the amount of reading this article each is about 150. Of course, there are some cases, such as individual mobile client access, is currently less than statistical.

Ma Huateng today issued a document saying: "sometimes you have nothing wrong, it is wrong in the old". This sentence is worth thinking, because the "change" is the only constant theme, and we can actually be steadfast? Today is from the "change" to view these 30 days make a summary.

, a change in the way to attract

media from doing before, I have seen a lot of "God" written "on WeChat plus 100 friends like to share the title looks exciting, but the contents inside, but still so few: 1, have the title, Chinese first XXX best, self styled; 2, the use of software a variety of techniques, group, batch add friends; 3, copying others article…… Do not write more, anyway, by hook or by crook. This way, in a few years ago might work, now even a large number of friends is useless, like holding a pile of newspapers on the street to see a plug, not accurate. Can only be used to boast with peers: "look, I added 200 powder a day". But what’s the point?

from the media, the main point is to attract the attention of others.

in a group of people, the most eye-catching, not the highest that, not the most handsome, but the most unusual that. Out of the ordinary, you can be an interesting and humorous person; you can also be a person with special skills; you can also be a professional in a particular field.

to attract the attention of others, must be dedicated to their own value, let others know that you are good.

my skill is only one: write valuable articles, and then spread out through the major platforms, interested, naturally concerned about, let nature take its course, do not insist.


two, the change of competitiveness

we often say competitive, but where is the competitiveness of

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