WeChat every day, but the following 10 super easy to use skills and the unspoken rules of the WeChat ten, you do not necessarily know that the president of the Dongsheng information group, Dongsheng told you the letter of the ten skills and the unspoken rules.

a play WeChat ten super easy skills

1, how to quickly view unread messages?

if you have a lot of news, and some did not have time to see, double-click the bottom of the "WeChat", you can quickly locate the unread message.


2, say, how to cancel the voice sending


when you hold down the voice, but do not want to release, how to do? Just do not let go of the finger, the slide can be canceled to send


3, playing WeChat every day, how much traffic will consume


voice traffic: 0.9-1.2k/ seconds, 30M traffic can send and receive about 1000 voice

text traffic: 1M can send about 1000 text messages


flow according to the original image compression to 20-200k/

upload address book: 2k/100

WeChat runs in the background a month consumes about 1.7M traffic

4, how to read the text message the best


when a friend sent a very long text, double-click the text zoom, you can read the full screen characters, looks very comfortable


5, how to save all the friends and chat records?

long press the message select more, and then tick all the messages you want to save, select the following letter, you can send the chat log to your mailbox.


*Android mobile phone can be more direct chats, in the phone to save into the impression notes, very convenient.


6, how to type faster than others?

in the chat interface, click on the bottom right of the "+", select "voice input", "microphone" to speak, you say it will become text, very fast.


7, how to call the WeChat


with voice calls and friends to open the lower right corner of the "+" video chat, turn on the picture, the video will be closed.


8, no data cable, how to