although Sina micro-blog has been very fire, coupled with the recent wave of marriage Ali, the new launch of the so-called Page page, but I still use micro-blog. I always wanted to get the latest industry information from micro-blog, and I was inspired to write the article. Recently found the same mechanism of micro-blog, Sina micro-blog active than Tencent micro-blog today, ready to start the dusty Sina, micro-blog, Sina and micro-blog also again and again three I will shut out, why not


web page error frequently, including redirection loop

had previously been used to company named Sina micro-blog account, today suddenly wanted to use it on their own, use Baidu Search "Sina micro-blog" brand promotion, from the first point in there, just started fairly normal, enter the login page.


But after

entered the landing page, enter the correct email account and password, I can confirm the account opening micro-blog, click OK after being told not registered account, it let me dumbfounding, then click enter, let Sina micro-blog after the opening, the next tragedy happened.

tragedy is to show the above picture, I tried to enter the other path through the front page, the end of the first 10 points in the official website of sina, all of which are included in the page to redirect the cycle. I thought it was a problem (with its browser is 360 safe and fast browser), but tried IE and Cheetah browser, is to return the same mistake, which makes me think the Sina company so big but there is such a problem, don’t use the

server so bad?

security settings are often blocked, and ultimately disappointed and return to

see the Sina micro-blog colleagues can be used normally, I have no problem, is it RP me? After about 20 minutes, finally re login, login up, I thought it would be, the next thing is not to let me crazy.


wanted to join in the blog address with the settings, click on the go after she was told that "in order to prove that the account is your own operation, other people instead of hacking, please verify the safety information". Sad reminders of things followed, I put the verification answer to forget, in accordance with the idea of sina tips to appeal, so that you can breathe a sigh of relief. I did not expect to fill out the phone number, send the verification code was informed, please go to the commonly used landing operations, often landing IP I have forgotten. Mom, I’m going crazy, Sina micro-blog in the end want to lead to trouble?

finally to Sina micro-blog CEO Mr. Cao Guowei, in the security settings on these issues can not be so cheating? Whether Ali investment funds on their products for a good maintenance and update, do not blindly pursue, to the operation of those boring business means. New power desire