do WeChat operations, we are the most important is not the last of the profits of this individual grassroots and corporate operations WeChat cost is completely different. For businesses, we are passive in operation, we need to have their own personal interests, not up to hundreds of thousands of money, but we personally, we are active to do WeChat, why is that


1 our personal and corporate profit model

for us personally, our main profit model is nothing more than a few points:

(1) advertising

advertising, this for us, this is our main profit model, but as we all know, now WeChat official for this piece of combat is very strict, so we still rely on advertising to maintain our life, so we have risks, so that we might which day is the title, such as for the direct economic losses by us is the economic source of broken.


wide point

for the second point profit model, we need to do our part, if we want to rely on this to make money, then we one day is not earn much, but our cost of living is more than sufficient.

if you want to gain more, so we only improve the quality of our content, because these are all based on our material, only when our content when done, then click on the amount we will be high, and then click on the promotion content much, this and our profit is proportional to the.


to do their own products, we may say that many of us do not have their own channels of purchase ah, but I would like to say that this is very simple, we do one hundred or two hundred of the product, the income is very impressive. We found that there are many platforms, they are all in accordance with the Commission mode of the model, some may give you 30%, 40% or even a little more divided, but this is for us without any benefits, so many of our operators are anti sense of these platforms, if you do this way, then we should do their own products, so that our revenue is even more impressive.

we can insert our micro store or Taobao stores and other shopping platform in the custom menu link, through the purchase of entering the shop, so I think this effect may be better for us to say. Why would you say that?

when we have their own shops, through the accumulation of time, fans know our stores have what things, so when they need it will definitely choose us, because in his opinion, concern you so long compared to buy in other more strange place more trust. When our fan base continues to increase