blog marketing is a very very low network marketing strategy, this strategy is very suitable for consulting services enterprises to carry out. Today, to share the blog marketing strategy.

blog content positioning: a blog if you want to attract loyal users, the most important thing is to have the characteristics of the content. As the saying goes, helping others is helping yourself. So, I write blog, is to share my network marketing planning experience. My experience may help to read my blog users in the operation of the site less detours, with some of the more direct strategies and skills. So, read my blog users will like my blog content, at the same time, they will be forwarded to my blog to a variety of websites to help me propaganda. And, some readers will directly recommend to my customers.

second step: blog registration:

blog marketing effect is good, you need to promote a wide range of publicity to the wide range of stores must be more, so if you want to make the effect of the blog marketing assistant, you can use the strategy:

at the same time in 20 well-known blog site blog.

for me, I have my own independent blog site:  at the same time, I was in Sina, Sohu, DoNews, blogbus,, Hexun, Tianya, Saydee, Eric and so well-known websites have a blog. The following list for everyone twenty most famous blog site: