recently heard of friend Chen Gang in a blog project, specifically how the plan is not clear to me, but my right now BSP is a bit of understanding, just talk about their own ideas!
      before years, blog has been booming in the play, the blog China led by BSP including portal,, without a fire! Investment also took, projects have done, look back several Fenghua such as China! Blog just big layoffs, half-dead, no life. Sina Sohu blog achievements of a small number of people, a waste of 99. 9% resources. Qi Bo, in order to make a profit and struggling, anyp simply put up the shutters, but live in QZONE and 51 BLOGBUS bright future full of sound and colour. The reason for this can not help but ponder!

      I never doubt that blog has no future in china. Blog is a public oriented, grassroots products. From the degree of acceptance is to say that the threshold is quite low, the Internet will play 2 words can be in the BSP where to build their own blog, so far nearly 100 million of the number of blogs is not surprising. 700 million Internet users, but also rapid growth. The mass market is big enough. But today’s blog portal or BSP, have not digested this market, I personally feel that the blog culture and value innovation is not a good reason to deal with


  first, the question of blog culture
      what is a blog? Singing a blog all day is 2. 0 represents. As if to open a blog will have their own 2. 0 heaven and earth. Then, the operator put all the blog content aggregation is a portal, or put the blog each function split, independent channels, so users in each channel all day aimlessly hit, was transformed into WEB2. 0. This is what I saw " I; "! Personally, the blog content when to do, is always wrong. First of all, this is a conflict between the blog as a platform for the public personality, and as the interface for interactive communication. The blog is not simply a UGC, just as the content of external users to express their way, establish self circle tool, of course, these are not from a marketing perspective! If blogs are content value, then with WEB1. 0 there is no difference, to the contrary, and blog as a public product to serve the public. In the context of the content is limited, only a few elite groups, silence 99. 99%. Sina blog and have the same problem, they use the limited resources too! This blog form point to point SNS, interactive communication circle establishment is not content as the standard, but the content behind the BLOGER values, interests, interests as the standard for everyone! "